Free Advertising Programs

Our programs are entirely subsidized by advertisers that gain from exposure in your campaigns. We also have Share & Buy Programs. WIth over 15 years in the Multi-Advertiser industry, you can count on us to maximize this year’s profits.

Choose from These Programs

Free Program

After you submit your list of prospective advertisers, people that you know value your referrals, we step in and do all the work. Whether you want a Direct Mail or Direct-to-Door Program, we’ll handle all of the details.

Once the minimum number of advertisers is secured, we’ll design and manufacture the advertising media and deliver it to market where it will generates profits for everyone involved.

Best of all, the program is entirely subsidized by advertisers that value your referrals.

Share Program

The Share Program is similar to the Free Program except you pitch in on the budget. Whether it’s to add extra flare to the advertising media, or because you want to be part of the financial investment, it’s up to you. We’ll step in and do all the work.

Buy Program

Some of our clients chose to subsidize the entore cost of their multi-business advertising programs. For them, it’s a way to give back to their network of contacts by featuring them within advertising and marketing campaigns.

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Participating Advertisers

How It Works


We help you decide the type of media and the size of your program based on your estimate of how many advertisers will participate and how quickly you expect them to join your program.

We Reach Out

You’ll send an email to your network with a link to a site that explains the program. We’ll follow-up with everyone by telephone to answer all questions.


We’ll work with you and everyone that joins to develop effective advertisements for each partner's respective businesses needs.


We’ll manage the entire print production to make sure that the quality is exceptional, and that everyone receives a sample of the finished product.


Whether Direct Mail or Direct-to-Door Distribution, we will handle all of the details, including making sure that everyone knows when the Media reaches prospective customers.


Once your campaign has been completed, we reach out by email to thank everyone that has participated and offer 15% Off all our print products as a thank you for joining your network.

Free Options for Customized Campaign

Silver plan

5000 Homes

  • 5 Advertisers Minimum

  • Active Areas

  • Every Door Direct Mail

Gold plan

10000 Homes

  • 9 Advertisers Minimum

  • Active Areas

  • Every Door Direct Mail

Platinum plan

15000 Homes

  • 13 Advertisers Minimum

  • Active Areas

  • Every Door Direct Mail

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