Free Advertising CAMPAIGNS

As a real estate professional, your network includes companies that provide products and services to homeowners – both buyers and sellers.  This network of Title, Mortgage, Landscape, GC, Warranty, Plumbing, Pest Control, Pool, Cleaning etc., is powerful when it works together!

For over 18 years, ADLINKS has specialized in producing and delivering Free Advertising Campaigns for real estate professionals. These campaigns are completely subsidized by advertisers within your network. We also offer Share & Buy Programs. Contact us today for your FREE Advertising Campaign.

Choose from These Programs

Free Program

After you submit your list of prospective advertisers (ex: Title, Mortgage, GC, Pest, Cleaning, Heating & A/C etc.), we step in and do all the work. Whether you want a Direct Mail or Direct-to-Door Program (available in select cities), we’ll handle all of the details.

Once the required number of advertisers are secured, we design and deliver your custom advertising campaign in your target areas, where they will generate sales for you and your advertisers. All at no cost to you. | Free!

Share Program

The Share Program is similar to the Free Program except you chose to contribute to the cost of the campaign. Your contribution can add to the total quantity, finishing of the printed piece, or simply serve to lower the cost to your advertisers, it’s up to you. We’ll step in and do all the work.

Buy Program

Some of our clients chose to subsidize the entire cost of their advertising campaign, with and/or without advertisers. It’s one way to give back to their network of contacts by featuring them within advertising and marketing campaigns.

Featured Works

Century 21 Folder

More Products Available

9"x12" Direct Mail

More Products Available

Remax Folder

More Products Available

9"x12" Direct-to-Door

More Products Available

Grace Folder

More Products Available

8.5"x22" DOORBOARD®

More Products Available

How It Works


We help you decide the type of media (type of printed piece) and the details of your custom campaign based on your estimate of how many advertisers will participate.


You’ll send an introductory email (that we prepare) to contacts in your network that you think might be interested in sales from your campaign. The email will contain a link to a website that explains the campaign.

Onboarding Advertisers

We will follow up by telephoe with all the contacts that you've provided to us. Once they agree to participate, we will work with them to develop effective ads. Your advertisement will also be developed and everything is subject to your approval.


We’ll manage the entire print production process to make sure that the quality is exceptional, and dates are met. Everyone receives a sample of the finished product.


Whether your Campaign is delivered via Direct Mail or Direct-to-Door Distribution, we will handle everything, including communicating the details of the campaign to the advertisers.


Once your campaign has been completed, we reach out by email to thank everyone that has participated. All advertisers will also receive 20% Off all our print products as a thank you for joining your campaign.

Examples of FREE Campaign

Direct Mail

2500 Homes

  • 9" x 12" Full Color 4/4

  • 6 Advertisers Min.

  • Standard Ad Costs $399

Gold plan

5000 Homes

  • 9" x 12" Full Color 4/4

  • 8 Advertisers Min.

  • Standard Ad Costs $399


5000 Homes

  • 9" x 12" Full Color 4/4

  • 9 Advertisers Min.

  • Standard Ad Costs $399

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